Maruyama sensei workshop in Lake District, August 2-3-4 2014

Maruyama sensei will conduct the 2014 Workshop in Europe at the Takagashira Dojo, in the Lake District in Cumbria, UK. He is invited by Mike Haft sensei.


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« I am mind itself » 2 Maruyama Koretoshi, the Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai

There is a science called ‘quantum physics’. This science teaches that in the microcosm the object under observation definitely experiences the observer’s thoughts or that the result of the experiment depends on a scientist. For us who made their decision to practice martial arts this is essential. Microcosm is a world of elementary particles and waves. The world of waves equals the world of Ki (life energy). With the naked eye we perceive objects by means of light; however, the fact that these objects depending on the light can be greatly distorted has been already proved in physics.

Whether we see by means of light only or perceive by touching with our fingers –this makes all of us significantly different from each other. That means that the world in which we decided: “It must be like this”, is a world created by ourselves, the world which each of us has identified by himself by seeing, feeling, hearing. Two worlds which are the same do not exist. So that is the essence. When a child sees his mother, hugs her, talks to her, this is a woman-mother in front of him who gets the energy of this child’s thoughts. When a child’s father sees his wife, hugs her and talks to her, this is a woman-wife in front of him who gets the energy of her husband’s thoughts. That is why if a child and his father have an argument about the child’s mother, they will never come to an agreement.

The only thing that is true is that « a man exists as a living soul ».

Now let’s come back to aikido: in 1971 I was a member of Aikikai. According to the instruction given by my teacher Tohei Koichi I was sent to Hawaii as a deputy of Sensei. In 1952 in Hawaii Tohei Sensei introduced aikido for the first time and since then all students got accustomed to Sensei. And there I came, a young man, completely unknown, which of course aroused everybody’s protest. Later on I got to know that those who already had got their levels agreed behind me not to do ukemi in any way. On the first day of classes, though I do not already remember, they say we practiced usirotori kokyunage. The first person grabbed my body from behind. I thought that he had pressed too hard but I was sure that he would certainly do ukemi. Turning slightly my hips I made the throw easily. The next one grabbed me strongly and I made the throw smiling. And then I threw one more person and again and again, perhaps 5 or 6 people more. It was in Honolulu Dojo. They say that after that at the same day the instruction: “This is a true teacher! Everybody should listen to what Maruyama Sensei says!” was spread all over the dojos on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai.

When the other day I read the definition of quantum physics I thought: « So that’s what it is! » Then in Hawaii I had no doubts that my partners would do ukemi. Those thoughts were transmitted to them and by intuition they did ukemi nevertheless.

Once a well-known samurai Miyamoto Musashi, called God of Sword, fought 60 duels and defeated all of them. I think he defeated because he believed: « I’ll defeat », he had no doubts and « ki » (waves) was transmitted to his opponents. And Musashi was not the only one. The founder of Shinkage-ryu, a school of swordmanship, Kamiizumi Nobutsuna. The famous swordman from Kashima-Shinryu school Tsukahara Bokuden. A lot of other swordmen who practiced hard also gained firm confidence in their victory, so that attitude of mind was transmitted to their opponents.

Based on this experience whatever country I would go to I always make my mind: « My partner will do ukemi ». It is not me who makes the throw. It is my partner who tunes in to the wave of my thinking (ki) does ukemi. This is a true « spirit of aiki » and « love ». Ueshiba Sensei who stated that « Aikido is love » once told me that when he faced his partner he already saw him doing ukemi. In the Bible Jesus Christ said: « He who believes will be saved ». If little by little but faithfully one moves forward on his way in which he believes, without looking back and with a sincere heart, persistently, without falling into illusions or trivial thoughts, then ahead a bright future will certainly open up.

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“I am mind itself” Maruyama Koretoshi, the Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai

The motto of Aikido Yuishinkai members starts with the words “I am mind itself”. I think that you visit this page because first you simply thought that you should “visit it”.
We even unconsciously turn into action what we have been thinking about in our heart. Even a word, before it is said, at first is a thought which later becomes a word. We often say “happiness”, “unhappiness” – but all this is defined by our thought.

Many people can often say that they want money, but money can be given another name – currency (the money in circulation). In Japanese language the word “currency” is in keeping with the word “passing away”. But it is doubtful that somebody would like to pass away owning a vast fortune (millions of dollars).
In fact if we have money, we can buy what we like.
We can travel abroad.
Thus money is a means of getting joy in our heart.

However “money” does not come down to our purses, and besides you do nothing yourself.
If you make people happy, if people start feeling happy and they think: “this is worth paying” – that is enough for the money to come to you by itself.
But in this case no fraud is acceptable.
Because then if one day money comes to you it won’t last long.
Besides it is possible to incur people’s hatred. And this hatred is ten times, hundred times more dangerous than a mere mortal can imagine.
Eventually one who makes troubles for others will inevitably meet with some “disease”, some “accident” and the end of him will be sad.
I have been living in this world for 77 years and I have seen the end of such people.

We often say “destiny”, but it would be more correct to say “the cause and effect”.

There is “a cause”, therefore there is “an effect”.
And this “cause” is not only my own self but also my parents, their parents and parents of parents’ parents and so on infinitely. Their “thoughts”, i.e. “causes”, are in our genes.

But the only “cause” (seed) can not make the flower blossom, or make a fruit set.
A “connection” is needed.
For plants it is soil, water, nutrients, sunlight, for a human being – it is parents, brothers and sisters, family, relatives, friends and acquaintances, teachers, colleagues, bosses and other people around us in our daily life. Moreover, it includes an environmental area, upbringing and education, various influences which we are exposed to in our course of life.
As a result, “mind” = “thoughts” is formed; in a different way the flower begins to blossom, the fruit (life) is set.
And that is an effect.

How to treat his thoughts, what the soul is – that is essential for a human being to learn in his life.

While treating any thing it is important to have “love” and “gratitude”.
The modern Japanese character “love” (愛) was borrowed from China, but originally the concept of “love” for Japanese people was written like “the will of Heaven”. “Heaven” means “God”, that is the will of great universe that created us.

Hundreds of millions years ago from the sea of the hydrocyanic acid after Earth creation a drop of oxygen was formed which after tens of millions of years turned into the oxygen sea which in its turn brought a microscopic life to life, that microscopic life developed and then mankind appeared and now we exist.
Isn’t it “the will of Heaven”, that is love?
To feel the value of life given by God, to appreciate it – this is gratitude.
It is “the will of Heaven and gratitude” that we should refer to as the most essential in our life.
I was not the only one who was given a life by God. Everybody was given.
We are all created in God’s image.
Life is a universal energy circulating within us.
We were all given life from the same source.
The energy of the universe consists in the Supreme Power.
The Supreme Power is thoughts=mind.
That is what “I am mind itself” means.
Heaven is God.
God is in all things.
God exists being our mind, being our body, being the universal energy.
God gave us everything, and above all is “life”.
That is why we should also bestow each other “love and gratitude”.
“Let us bestow each other and prosper together!” – say these words several tens of times a day.
Joy will appear naturally.
And amazingly money will also appear in our purses.
If to say “I have no money” – the will of Heaven never comes to you.
Heaven will think: “If one has no money, then one doesn’t need it”.

To the best of your abilities you must do everything “transient” (passing) as much as possible.
If to increase its fluidity, “money”, due to this fact, will appear on its own in your purse. However money, as far as possible, should be used to make other people happy.
If to spend money only on your own satisfaction, it will only make some dealers happy but other people will never feel your good will and will never be grateful to you.
Thus if you do not get “gratitude”, your money will never come back.
To become a man who is given thanks: “he is worth the money spent”, in other words, you must become a man who has “the will of Heaven = love” within himself.

Next time I will write how to become such a man.

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Maruyama sensei interview

Publiée le 11 avril 2013

Aikido Yuishinkai Seminar
Bologna, June 2012
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Creating Doors from Obstacles in Aikido

Video by Sam Siege. Thank you to Gen-ki dojo, John Luijten sensei and his students.

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Build your strength with aikido

Video by Sam Siege. Thank you to Gen-ki dojo, John Luijten sensei and his students.

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Back efficiency

Video by Sam Siege. Thank you to Gen-ki dojo, John Luijten sensei and his students.

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